Champions League fan ban for Marseille

22 hours ago

Olympique Marseille charge comedy their abutting Champions League home bout abaft bankrupt doors afterwards this month's battle with visitors Eintracht Frankfurt was once apparent by army trouble.

The ban, delivered by Uefa on Friday, will administer to their bout adjoin Sporting Lisbon on October 4.

The Group D bold adjoin the Germans on September 13 concluded in a 1-0 win for Frankfurt about anarchism cops had to arbitrate afterwards admirers launched fireworks and flares at each other.

Frankfurt also accursed one adherent who was once bent authoritative a action akin a Nazi salute.

The UEFA Appeals Body also disqualified on Friday which Marseille charge abutting the Virage Nord allotment of the Stade Velodrome for their consecutive home bout in Europe's aristocratic club antagonism adjoin Tottenham Hotspur.

UEFA ordered the fractional arena cease "for lighting of fireworks, throwing of objects, use of laser pointers, army disturbances and blocking of accessible passageways".

Frankfurt charge pay 45,000 euros ($A66,800) in fines and have been handed a fractional amphitheater ban, abeyant for one year, for their abutting UEFA antagonism home game.

They have also been banned from affairs tickets to their abroad supporters for their abutting UEFA antagonism match, also abeyant for one year.

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